Sunday, November 12, 2017

Update: Still having a blast with the Fuji X100F

            It has been a little slow going with the photo shooting after Hurricane Irma. I finally got some free time to get out last weekend with the Fuji X100F.  I headed out too the Spring Hill Botanical Gardens and Bayport Park located in Hernando County, Florida.  I was using all different types of camera settings to include Raw and Jpegs. I will admit I am not a flower / landscape shooter as I prefer to shoot portraits. I wanted to see what I could pull off with the little X100F without any special gear or tripod.


I was able to get my portrait fix in and got a shot of the girlfriend.
(No flash or light modifiers)

Moving onto Bayport, I was able to get a few nice shots of the area during the sunset. 

I am continuing to enjoy the Fuji X100F and look forward to adding a new video about my experience with the camera. The Fuji X100F is not a replacement for my larger Fujifilm cameras. I am not left wanting when I leave the house with the X100F. It is a fun and enjoyable camera to shoot with. I love the image quality and the ease of use. The analog style manual controls make it a real breeze to shoot. My back also thanks me toting around this little guy. ;)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fuji X100F Accessories

Here is a short video of some accessories for the Fuji X100F digital camera.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Leica M6 in 2017

One of my favorite cameras is my Leica M6. Shooting film is a very fun, calming and exciting hobby for me. It breaks up the norm of shooting with digital and I believe it hones ones photography skills.
Below is a video about my Leica M6 and some sample images I have taken with the camera.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Fuji X100F Out West.

Grand Canyon South Rim

       I am totally out of my element as I sit in Wickenburg, Arizona armed with a Fuji X100F and IPad Mini.  I just received my X100F last week before my trip and I am amazed how magical this camera is.  I owned the original Fuji X100 when it was first released. I enjoyed that camera but with all its quirks it was replaced with the XPro-1.  Already owning a Leica M6 I also lusted for a digital Leica camera which prompted me to purchase a Leica M-E. The bulky body, antiquated rear LCD screen, poor low light / noisy files and slow buffer made me contemplate selling it on several occasions.  I watched the value of the M-E drop over the years and decided to sell it and purchase the X100F and some accessories. The left over cash also paid for my Arizona trip.

Hassayampa River Walk

South Rim
My girl in a small cafe in Wickenburg, Arizona.
Blind selfie with the X100F

I have only had the opportunity to look at the jpeg files that the Fuji creates and I am not left wanting, especially that I have no laptop or PC with me. I had the most amazing opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon and was overwhelmed as I am a east coast cat.

   The Fuji X100F was a pleasure to use and all of the issues I had with the original X100 are long gone. I absolutely love the size and weight of the camera. The ability to use the same batteries as my Fuji XT-1 and Xpro-1 is so convenient.  I look forward to filming a video review on the Fuji X100F and express  how satisfied I am with the camera.  Here are some sample shots from the camera captured in JPEG format. 

Friday, July 14, 2017